My new blog

Well, I had to do it. I had to over-engineer a simple thing again. What I mean by that is I have made myself a new blog engine to power this blog. I wanted to have a static website (with pre-rendered pages), but I wanted to do it myself. I know there are other tools that do it, but they almost all had something that didn't suit me personally.

What about it?

It is written in bash. It is currently custom-tailored; I didn't take time to actually make it useable by everybody right now. I had to rush this out of the way so that I could have my website ready.

When will it be released?

You can already go look at it on its bitbucket project page, but you may have trouble using it.

When will it work for everyone?

Hopefully, before the heat death of the universe. Realistically, by this year. I should work on it sometimes to smooth things out. I need to work on some other things before which will then be used in this project.