Social updates for October

Not much for an update, but I thought I'd post a bit of something here about what I just did.

My old Google+ Profile is now defunct and I created a new one using my Google Apps account, since they just allowed registration to Google+ with Google Apps accounts.

If you need the URL, it's always available in the contact page and will always be the up-to-date URL. For posterity, I am posting the URL in this post also.

Here, an entire paragraph for an URL!

In somewhat related news, I added a +1 button on every post pages.

Sneak peek for the future

Those of you who are following me on twitter might have seen this tweet and know that I am writing things about shell development.

This will be a series (I hope to make more than one post!) about bash development tricks. This is why I was exploring the ancestry of bash. More about the series will be defined once I get to post the first one, expect it maybe during next week.

I will also continue the development log series about BoxFactory, since this is the project on which most of my time is spent.

Also note that if you have any input or questions about one of my projects, an article or anything else, do make use of the contact page and contact me at one of my presence, this means, e-mail, Twitter of Google+. I do not have comments on my website, but comments about what I write are still welcome; interesting input will most probably posted in an update or a new post.