Just a quick post to show off something neat I just worked on.

I got nerd-sniped into looking at building linux-3ds using Nix. Well, the query was for NixOS on 3DS, but I'm not made entirely out of free time!

Two 3DS consoles at the login prompt of the toy system

The previous photo shows off what the login screen to the toy system you can get with the project.

There's not much use really, for now. But you can give it a try if you want!

This was a fun experiment. First it gave me some chance to play with a more "for embedded" workflow with the tooling Nixpkgs provides. Then to implement some really interesting bits to leverage a utility from the kernel.

Additionally I got to learn a bit more about how Linux on ARM boots, as I added support for loading an external initramfs, rather than embedding it in the kernel build as the upstream project does.

I might even have picked up a few tricks I'll end up polishing up and importing into Mobile NixOS later on.